Our First Family Vacation with Little One

I was little nervous, we decided to have first journey with my girl, but my husband told me that its important to take a break from busy life and enjoy some family time.
The first time parent will find little difficult to travel the little one but they will grow as a parent with the baby. For first time parents, its not easy to handle the baby, specially if you are living alone without any help.

For new mothers, postpartum is not at all easy, first two months was incredibly exhausting. I was at my hometown for delivery but came back in a month, so like every new mother whether it is normal delivery or C-Section. A lot physical and hormonal changes bring you down.

A baby bring lots of joy and happiness in parents life but you cannot deny the baby blue too. I felt all kind of emotion in those two month from irritated, angry, low, depress, lack of energy, sleeping disorder, lack of time, crying but as everyone say nothing stays forever and time heal everything.

After sometime everything was coming back to normal, now there is sleep pattern of the baby, you start to understand baby cries (hungry, dirty nappy, colic or any other pain). And yes now your body slowly but start to absorb the changes in you.
My husband decided to take a break from fast life of Mumbai. Our baby girl was 3 and half month old when we took our first ever vacation and will engrossed her in her milestone alert book.

Travelling with a small is a challenging but if you plan everything in advance and make a proper check list then it will become fun for baby and also you sneak out some time with your husband.

Checklist to be prepare
• Book a cab beforehand if you are travelling nearby
• Check weather updates before plan a vacation
• Diapers
• Diaper change pad
• Cloth nappies ( if you want to give your child free time from diaper
• Diaper rash cream
• Wet wipes
• Rubber or plastic sheet
• Baby bedding and blanket
• Diaper bag ( to keep dirty nappies, wet cloths)
• Baby essential ( powder, cream, lotion, shampoo)
• Baby carrier or stroller ( folding)
• Warm cloths
• Nursing cover ( for breast feeding
• Breast feed pump
• Handful cloths of the baby
• Baby foods ( if baby is having solid food)
• Feeder bottles ( for baby above 4 months)

Its ok if you miss any of the above things as you will learn with your flaws.
Our vacation last for 3 days and baby was enjoyed a lot with her papa. As our baby was 3 month old, as I was breastfeeding her in every 3 hours, I felt exhausted, hungry most of the time, but this is how you learn to manage, I was happy as father and daughter was bonding big time and my husband took care of her most of the time and let me rest as he understood my situation.

But now when I look and remember those small moments of first vacation of us, then I realized how beautiful it was. Jeevika (my little one) was very curious baby and was enjoyed car ride to Alibaug and then enjoyed in beaches, bond with her father more than me. The only bad was I was sleep deprived, as I used woke to feed her in the night, but my husband would make up for it and take Jeevika for morning walk and I get more sleep.

I felt happy and refreshed after a small vacation. So I would suggest to all the new parents to take a break with the new member of the family and you will be refreshed and then everything will place perfectly.

Disclaimer :- The is a personal blog. Any views, opinion represented in this blog solely belongs to the author.

I think the key for a Women – Not to set any limit

We live in a country where people talk about women empowerment in every field. Empowerment cannot only be in monetary term but there is also various other also things in which as a self-fighter, a mother, a role model, a teacher, a wife, a business women, housewife and list goes on. But have really encouraged them to show their talents??

Let us take example of Indian movies and TV serials. We all of us must have followed at least one of the serials that have been telecasted over the years. How many serial actually show a strong, fearless women.
I am not an avid viewer of TV serials, but lockdown made me watch some of the old shows. However as the life started picking up the pace again, entertainment industry was one of them to re-start the shooting of their shows and also launched few new serials.

So this particular daily soap launched just a week back but the promos were all over in the TV since last 15 days and that was one of reason my family wanted to watch that serial and as the show timing was 10:00 pm so I cannot move out but to watch the serial. So in TV industry (as per them) they introduce daily soap after lot of creative and out of the box theme, target particular gender, do market research to what exactly audience want to watch. But did they really follow all of this things? I guess NO!!
When I watched this particular show 4 days back, I was really disturbed and shocked that we live in a 21st century and this type of serial still gain popularity. So this daily soap shows that a women who is perfect wife, perfect daughter in law, a lovable mother to her children, very well cultured lady, soft spoken, good cook but she was not educated like her husband.

Further this episode goes on to show that this lady does not have any respect in her own house, she cannot go out without the permission from her husband, her kids is does not respect her and feel ashamed to call her mother and always compare to modern educated mothers. She does not get any support from her in laws l, her husband talk about family and education but he himself having affair just because his wife is not educated, but the bad part of this lady is she live her life in cocoon where she feel that everybody loves her, but in reality she is like housemaid to them, that’s exactly this show all about, of course in future the maker will definitely show that she become successful and confident after lot of struggle. But is the way to portray a women in the society? I want to hear from the makers, the actors why they have made this show, what was their idea behind this show, what they want to teach the audience from this show and how main lead agreed to play this character.

I literally had discussion with my family that how can you watch this type of daily soap, where they show a women weak, brainless, dumb and the list goes on. I was taken aback, what they told me that this is very common and it still happen in 21st century, some women does not want any respect, they only live for their family and will die like that only. So in short we are giving liberty to these makers to produce these type of shows.

We as a society talk lot about women self respect, women empowerment, but do we really meant it?? NO
If we as a society ever thought to empower women, then the serial which gained or gaining popularity does not even run decade long. We audience made a show or movie popular not the makers and this is a harsh truth.

In Indian daily soap, makers always shows women weak, mother in law a creepy character, sister in law a murderer, and list goes on and on. Why we never show a women fiercely strong, fearless, who can be a house wife as well as cam manage business, and if some makers show that the we as audience reject that.
We as society love to see women vs women fight, love to see struggle of a women and when she become successful then we feel relived. We are at fault that as we encouraged them to make serial about all the nonsense.

In all these serial one thing is common that a purpose of a women life is to take care of the family, shield of the family, respect of the society and so on. But why we put pressure only on women and who define all these things, why these responsibility of a women.
What we are teaching to coming generation via these shows that women is second name of sacrifice and whatever happen in your life a women will come and sought this for you?

As this thought echoed in my brain and heart, I took a decision that I will teach current and future generation via my blogs that a women is not a toy or goddess of sacrifice but a lady with the power of managing the every role with perfection.
We should boycott these type of shows and who is making a women more weak. We need to be more sensitive about the choice of serials we are watching. According to the survey & reports Indian daily soaps are most depressing shows in the world.
I want people to understand that we are living in 21st century and in this time women is not weak or enemy of other women but capable of handling tough situation at home as well in office.

At last I want to tell all the women out there who watch and encourage these shows that “Respect yourself if you don’t, others don’t, Remember the world see what you put out there, so hold yourself to a high standard of grace and elegance”

Disclaimer : This is a personal blog, any views opinion represented in this blog is solely belong to the author

Our Generation- Carefree life

After reading the title , I guess everybody will thinking about which era I was talking about. Well I am talking about the time where people were more helpful, more energetic, more lovable and most importantly carefree.

I come from the generation early 90s. When I see today’s generation life style, I feel they are very fast, attentive, conscious, but least interested about family life. We were so carefree, least bother about further life, we never realized that there is word called Stress in our life.

I remember as kid or also as a teenagers, I never cared about my looks, never cared about teen pimple (as mummy always say that it happen in certain age), never cared about my weight, height, I always ate what I wanted to eat, never understood the concept of calorie that time and still I am least bother about that. Our generation was free from junk fast food, So whatever we had eaten was healthy.

Now a days, kids are very conscious about their eating habits, some kids are also turned vegan, some kids count calories also. I understand their concern to join that competitive race with everybody but in my opinion in initial year they should be worried about their eating habits as this the right time to build immunity.

I clearly remember hearing this particular phrase in my life since childhood and still hearing after my marriage, that you are fair but your brother is handsome!! And after the phrase changed Oh!! Your husband is more handsome than you, but I stop caring about all these talks. In my childhood also, I never cared about skin color nor I ever thought if I go outside and play my skin will get tan. In our time go our and playing with our friends were the biggest joy of our life.
In todays’ time kids spent most of the time at home or school or else some activities. So when they go out and play in the broad sunlight, or expose to little pollution they feel weak and it make them sick. Because of todays lifestyle, kids does not have that kind of immunity which we still have.

I remember shifting from my hometown Jabapur to Pune and then Mumbai, their the life was so fast that I took time to get adjust myself to the environment but all with help of my friends (Swapnil my husband, Deepti, Ashwathi, Tushar and my roomates in my mumbai Anki & Roopal).

My memories with my handwriting is still fresh in my mind. My handwriting is very beautiful just like my Papa & everybody at home would say to younger ones, learn from her, look how beautiful she write. But now we don’t write, we only type, so where is the time to check about handwritings. I still write in my diary and it give me peace of mind.

I recently read in a newspaper that a teenage girl did suicide as she was dealing with depression at the age of 18. I was like what is depression? Now a days kids being depressed if their parent scolded them or if they get low marks or some fights with friends. In our days, we cried, we fought with each other, scolded by parents like anything, our teachers slapped us so many times for our mistakes, and in less than few minutes we feel ok as never cared about these things, never felt upset or depressed, those were the Carefree days. There was no place for a word called Tension.

When I look up and see todays kids asked for their own space, privacy, I felt like why you need space, when your family is around you. In generation I never felt bored or lonely as I have so many cousins to share secret with. I feel happy being with my family.

I can proudly say that our era was a Stress free. That’s why there was nothing like depression , anxiety, tension in kids. Kids were happy, carefree. The exposure was limited but good for growth.
Today when I see that kids have more exposure and everything but still they are not happy, still be in stress because this fast moving life.

As a mother of 8 month old baby girl, I cannot bring back those time but can make better place for kids, where they can talk freely, we can change our own lifestyle and spend time with them, listen to them, make them understand that its ok to be choose your own path without taking tension about people. Lets try to give our kids a better life and stress free life

Disclaimer :- The is a personal blog. Any views, opinion represented in this blog solely belongs to the author.

KARMA – I know what is right but..!!

When we were celebrating the last day of 2019 and praying for happiness, success, healthy life for everyone, At that time we never thought that year 2020 would hit us this hard with Corona Virus pandemic.
Amid of all these tough situation and lockdown, most of us enjoyed time with family, few become master chef, few become social media sensations and the list goes on. But one of the best things happen is telecasting of epic old tales like Ramayan, krishna, Mahadev & Mahabharat which helps new generation to understand Indian tradition and how these things still connected in our life.

Everyone us here know the story of Mahabharat – one of the greatest tale of India. Today I want to share the story of that epic and what we have learned and following till date without knowing it. Mahabharat is a story about fate of Kaurava and Pandavas. Lord Krishna played very crucial role in this war. When war become inevitable, lord Krishna tried one last time for the peace as he said “Peace has no substitute” even if we forgot our ego peace should prevail at any cost. Personal issues and reason should never come across for this scale of war. However I am not here write an analogy about Mahabharat. I want to talk about the teaching we get and specially what Duryodhan has said : “Janami dharma nachame prabitti, Janami adharma nachami nibtritti” this sentence was told by Duryodhan to lord Krishna, when he went one last time for peace. This sentence means – I know what is dharma, yet I cannot get myself to follow it! I know what is adharma, yet I cannot retire from it.
Honestly we all go through situation like in our life sometime, where we all know what is right and what is wrong, still we do not follow it, sometime its not in serious context just in daily life and sometime its real serious and we choose the wrong path.

Let me tell you my personal college story, where I was having the best time of life with best people with me, but still I got into the group of people who were wrong and I knew it that later in life I will regret having friends with them, but at that time my heart felt that your right. And till date I regret that I trusted those people who were fake friends. But regret later is justified? I guess No!

Training the mind is the most important thing, any guru will focus on training more than anything. The safest technique to train your mind are practice and keep repeating till you become perfect, which exactly this epic tale teach us, remember the fish eye competition?

There is one phrase that your guru is your Parents, their action speak louder words than anyone else and as child to my parent and mother to my child, I know that what I learnt from my parent, I have to impart that to my daughter. So we have lot to learn from this epic tale to self control our mind and heart to become a good example for future generation.

Moral lesson for future generation learned from Mahabharat
• Respect women, the disrespect shown towards women will bring disaster upon you.
• A Teacher can guide, helps in problem, inspire you, but practice will make you perfect.
• Be focused and you will succeed.
• Keep in a good company, bad company of friend will bring tragedy and downfall of your future.
• Don’t apply half learned knowledge, it will lead to destruction
• Don’t give up easily, fight for what rightfully was yours.
• Don’t indulge in game like gambling, you will end up losing everything.
• Don’t support the wrong doing of your relative as it will bring you down as well.
• War can never be good, Matter can resolved with dialogue.
• At the end truth win in all situation

Preach what you practice

Fairy tale in different perspective

I always want to take up writing in a bigger platform so that thoughts in my heart could make their way to the people, but nothing push me this hard until few days ago, when I came across something that absolutely affect me through.

Few days back, I was watching a Disney Movie ( I enjoy Disney movies) and what followed further, made me re-evaluate about the value which as a society we impart in our children mind and heart.

It all started with a known story Cinderella, who lived her life as maid to her step mother & sisters and adjusted according to them, without speaking up for herself and all her suffering ended, when a knight in shining armour came for her rescue and she married him and they live happily ever after. This was followed many know stories like, sleeping beauty, snow white and 7 dwarf, little mermaid, the story of Rapunzel etc.

The only thing visible and common in all these popular stories was that the only purpose in a girl life is to look pretty and attractive so that one day she can be liked by a prince charming and he will rescue her with all her suffering of her life. And one of major findings in these stories was that the girl should only look out for prince charming to be her husband and not look a common man.

I was huge fan of all the Disney princess movies but never saw it with this point of view till that day. I was taken back. I kept thinking that what are we doing as society, what we are teaching to our children. As a mother, I thought that we are actually making our daughter imbibe? What we are teaching them that they are incapable of facing their problems of their own life and can only survive if a prince charming will kisses her forehead or hold their hand, like seriously? Or marrying is the only objective left in a girl life, I guess NO!

Why aren’t their is a stories about a powerful girl recusing the common man from all her miseries or Where an ordinary but fearless girl overcame with all the problems in her life or later she decide whom she want to spend her life with.

As these thoughts echoed in my brain, I kept thinking about my daughter. I really want my baby girl watch stuff which she can believe in. I want her to choose her own path, her own destiny without any fear in her mind.

After watching Disney movie, I remember one of my friend from graduation college, who lived her life in a dream, she always believe in those Disney stories which is far from the real world.

I want my daughter to understand that a girl life is not only about looking beautiful and get married to prince charming. I will make sure that my daughter should watch more stories about fearless womens like Ranilaxmi bai one of most fearless freedom fighter, most honourable lady of her own, the daughter of mother India and Jija Bai ( mother of courageous warrior Chatrpati Shivaji Maharaj) the fearless of all who single handley raised her son to be a man that he was, even through her husband was military commander under Nizam sultan, she laid the foundation of “swarajya”

As my daughter grow up, I plan to read her stories of Kalpana chawala, Rani laxmi bai, Savitribai phule, Mary kom and list goes on. So that she learn to believe in herself and remembers that if you belong to particular gender is irrelevant irrespective of whatever desire to achieve on your life.

When my little one is all grow up and able to understand, I want her to know that love and marriage are part of life to cherish and should not anyone’s purpose of life.

Disclaimer :- The is a personal blog. Any views, opinion represented in this blog solely belongs to the author.

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Blogging – The other side of my life!!

I was always inclined towards writing and love to express my views in my diary. But never thought to convey in other platform.

All thanks to my husband( Swapnil) who understood my passion and encourage me to go ahead and my brother (Vinit) who helped me to grab very first opportunity.

So, what inclined , motivated, fascinated me towards Blogging?

Opinion of your own – I believe that we all need a break sometime to explore other things in life so why not look out into this interest by doing productive online. Blogging is one of the way to socialize, create content, inspire your audience infinite ways

Change way of life – Blogging can help number of people. When you get positive response for your content, it generate a portion of influence over them. This way you can give a new dimension to life, isn’t it? It can be used to heal fears and feeling of being good enough. In fact many people use this to aid their mental health.

Creativity – The most loved part to blogging is that you can explore yourself and give meaning to your own life. Blogging is huge impact on your writing ability. Initially I felt that I will be mock and have my own concerns, but as you get into swing of writing the word will flow with greater efficiency and you will develop the unique style that only belongs to you. This stretches your horizon and creativity.

Opportunity to meet new people– One of the major positive you can take from starting a blog that you expose to bigger community of different people, society. With the help of my blog, I will be connecting with lots of bloggers, who are putting their best in their own ways.

Memories – For those mommy bloggers, this will create lots of memories of your own as most of the blogger share fun activities of your child. When your child grow up you can share all their moments with and cherish those time and might be they feel happy & proud.

Hence, I will be leaving you all with a thought who love to write of starting a blog and express your feeling and make yourself motivated and happy.

Disclaimer – The is a personal blog. Any views, opinion represented in this blog solely belongs to the author.

Friend, Husband, now a Father!!

On the occasion of father’s day! I am sharing few tips for the new parents. We all read multiple blogs, stories about motherhood, but we forgot about the first time daddies. So here, this post for all the new daddies. The society always talks a lot about motherhood, relationship between child and mother, but very few is vocal about the feeling of a father. We forgot to thought about the changes a father go through not as physical but mental and emotional. From a boy/son, friend, best friend, to a boy friend to husband and now a father, A man has lot of roles to play. Being a father is not an easy role as it appears to be.

Everyone is busy taking care of mother and baby, however a father also need lots of emotional support and care from family and specially from his wife. Who is now also the mother of his child.

Today with the help of my post, I will share personal experience of my husband feeling and anxiety and few tips to relieve stress of a father.

• Compliment your husband – He took care of you in these 9 months and I know by my experience he has been remarkable. Its your turn to compliment him, be nice to him, assure him that he will be a great father.
• Ask for help – Everything at this phase is new for you as well as for the husband. He is the father of child, never hesitate to ask for helping hand. Be respectful and do not order him to taking care of baby.
• Assign task – Assign any particular work of baby to your husband like, story time, playing for at least for 30 minutes a day and called as Daddy Time. It helps to create a bond between father and baby.
• Appreciate his efforts – If your husband is helping in changing diaper, clothes, help in burp or giving massage to baby, appreciate his efforts and do not pin point his activity.
• Let him go around with friends – These 9 months is not easy for you nor easy for your husband, he is having work load in office also and helping you. So sometime let him go out with friends to chill and relax. This way you are creating happy place at your home.
• Spent time with him – The moment your little angel come into your life, everything will not be the same, everything will revolve around your baby and your husband also understand as well. But it is equally important to spend time with each other a morning tea will always works. Your love should get stronger and not faded away.
• Discuss future plans – Whenever you get time, let your husband know what you thought about your child future. Listen to your husband ideas and I am very sure he has more planning and ideas for your child future. Encourage and believe his idea and planning.

PS : Looking forward for your valuable comments. Incase you want to add more goodies in my thoughts!

Disclaimer – The is a personal blog. Any views, opinion represented in this blog solely belongs to the author.



Yesterday we lost a beautiful soul who came into our life and make place in our heart forever. For us, he was always be our family member, our baby brother. He gave us so many memories which we will always cherish. Its hard to accept that we will not able to see him first thing in the morning, he was such a sweetheart, like a little baby he had all those emotion from being happy to being jealous and angry. You will missed so dearly franky.

I remember that me and my brother both grew up with dogs around us and that is the main reason that i feel good around dogs from very early in life. We brought franky home in 2013, when he was just 45 days old, he was a charmer and everybody at home got attached. I was unfortunate that i couldnt see him more in his childhood days as i was away from home (jabalpur) at mumbai. When i met him first time, he gave me a warm welcome by wagging his tail, not once he barked at me, I guess he understood that I am family and his sister. From then onwards whenever I came home, he always make sure that I will take him for a walk in afternoon and sometime at night also. Offcourse he was more close to my brother and mother, but he was always very vibrant around me. I remember when my would be husband Swapnil first visited my home, he was first saw franky and felt an instant connection.

After that when swapnil and my wedding’s date was finalized, my brother joked that franky has worshipped a lot for your marriage hahaha!! Yes that kind magic he has done in all of us. When our marriage preparation was goin on, papa brought him a new suit to wear and he was allowed to attend our reception party and came on stage to click pictures with us. That day people understood that franky is our baby brother and a family member.

I look back on the time of pregnancy period, I remember franky was always their to relieve my stress and make me happy, but sometime i got angry on him for constant nagging of him to take him out for walk, but he never left my side. When jeevi was born, we were little worried about Franky’s reaction but he was very chilled out and happy to see our little one, he was always protective of jeevi, whenever jeevi cries he used to alert us, in recent days he used watch jeevi first thing in the morning & if she is awake and I was as sleeping, he used to wake me up. I have so many things to share, but my mind and heart is still not able to register that he is not here with hs. Gone too soon my Franky. I will keep your memories alive in my heart and archive it for Jeevi to know that you were his first paw friend and mama for life❤

Love or Arrange – Your bonding

Our Bond of love

Recently I came across an article on love and arrange marriages. I can see the rage of comments which had flooded like anything. Then article had a different idea on love marriages or it seem like victim of disturb or unsuccessful marriages. Even I was one of those who believes in another way.
I thought of dropping by my comment and than I left. Being a new blogger, I still have an option to write in a broader way. Well, to start with I am also a victim of love marriage. Yes you read it right, a victim.

• A victim who knew with whom I am going to marry.
• A victim of beautiful friendship which turned into marriage.
• A victim of who had always shared her thoughts to my better half.
• A victim of sharing all the ups and down with my best half, whom I confided completely.
• A victim of go though tough times and came out even more stronger together.
• A victim of those happy moments which we had shared and still enjoying it.
• A victim of those time when we two hang around with each other.
• A Victim of watching those silly movies just to stay with each other little longer.
• A victim of knowing each other since 13 years, dating for 11 years and being married 1.5 years.
• A victim of those memorable which makes me feel as younger as 21 year old.
• A victim of those moment who still want to steal glance after a family of 3 .
• A victim of doing nothing and just be with each other.

Well, this doesn’t mean that I am more inclined towards love marriage or against arrange marriages.If I see around most of my family and friend are arranged marriage and few had love arrange marriage.

And I must admit that everything is going perfectly alright. Even those who had arranged marriages, they still had charm of hanging around with each other, spend time to know each other in a better way with the help of family support and emotional support, which is all expected from a perfect couple.Yes there are few couples who need more time to settling things, but its their individual choices.

I have to confess that, family bonding does not depend on the basis of love or arrange marriages. Its all about your roots and perception towards relationship. It shows how you are able to balance in your lives and commitment.

Husband and wife relation are the two pillars who binds the whole family together. I don’t think that God has made them separate sensors to feel them. Its in everybody, we just have to acknowledge and introspect.

If we really want to see the logic of perfect couple than you will never get ten on ten. And facts remains the same when they compliment each other their strength and weaknesses, which makes a couple best.

Love or arrange it doesn’t makes a difference!!

PS : Will look forward to your valuable comments, if in case you want to add more goodies in my thoughts.

Disclaimer :- The post written above is the personal views of the author and do not want to hurt anyone sentiments.

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M for Motherhood

This is a tribute cum advisory cum life experience for all the lovely ladies or more particular to be “Mothers” who have been verge of life altering experience post giving birth. As newly crowned mother, we are new to almost everything. By the time we ready to cope with up physical changes in our body, our relative or friends will usually come up with weird parameter of judging motherhood. We then being weep that how can someone judge us when they may not even know, what we went through or are still going through. We then continuously reflect on their belief and judgement, which make our heads churn. The inverse is when we start getting conscious to such weird advices of our society.

To sound more commanding, the so called umpires of Motherhood have draw out unwritten norms for a lady to transform into a perfect mother. After careful analysis, I feel those norms no more then the fiction of their lopsided imagination. Let me quote some example or personal experience like – ‘oh the baby is not sleeping well’ she may not be having enough milk, she does not gaining much weight, and the list goes on.

Being living in a society where in people always criticize a women if she is mother and a working women. No matter how much we try to manage everything but society will see the other side of the coin. Being mother is definitely not the end of road, but it is the start of new beginning.
While we gradually adapt and evolve to the new life, but the controversial point remains as to how can some of us be so insensitive in the grab of teaching others.

I am mother of 7 month baby girl and transformation from a carefree girl to a growing mother. The moment i saw those two pink lines till today while i am writing this blog, I am trying and trying level best like everyone else to be good mother. Most of us have to assume the role of mother and homemaker at some point of time and its the beautiful part of human evolution. In my point of view, My honest rant is that we just want some guidance and friendly advices. So all the experienced and traditional but judgemental ones, who are being sarcastic all the time, support us, guide us with warmth to be a good mothers and good human being. With load of hope , sincerely pray that in trying times, we accept and guide each other as pillar of support with open mind and spread positivity.

Pallavi S Pawar